Hi, I'm Rita Paiewonsky

founder of the Institute of Love and Wisdom.

My goal is to add more value to your love life than you ever dreamed possible. I will give you the tools that you can immediately use to meet your right partner and create the fulfilling relationship that you dream of.

In other words… I’m here to help you find the love of your life, your SOUL MATE, so you can enjoy a relationship that is complete and everlasting!

I am a Relationship Coach specialized in Effective Dating, Conscious Love Making (Basic Sexual Tantra) and creating long lasting relationships where you feel secure, adored, understood and filled with bliss.

When you experience the peace and happiness of a solid relationship you will see ALL areas of your life improve in ways you can’t even imagine.

I deliver the most innovative and effective Program designed for both singles looking for everlasting love and those already in a relationship who want to strengthen the love they have.

I care deeply about you and feel committed to get you romantic results. I want you to have a true life changing and fun experience.

Through my Intensive Soulmate Success Program, coaching sessions, group seminars, my ebook “How to Find your Soulmate”and my FREE newsletters, you’ll gain practical wisdom to make your romantic dreams come true.

I am honored that you have taken the time to visit me

I want you to find and create an everlasting relationship beyond your wildest dreams.

To your big success!

Feedback & Reviews

What our clients say about us

After our session today I finally understood why all the wrong partners and bad relationships couldn’t work out for me […] 

Caroline, NY

Happy Client

The more I hear you explaining these important topics, the more I admire you Rita. Thank you for giving your time to help us […]

Elizabeth, NY

Happy Client

This is more than a dream come true for me Rita. I am so happy. Mike is devoted to me, he is even more than I ever dreamed for myself. […]

Jennifer, NJ

Happy Client

What Can I Do for You?

We all have one thing in common, our desire for HAPPINESS.

A loving and healthy relationship is the first provider of happiness, balance and fulfillment in our lives.

Probably the most important decision we make in our lives is our choice of romantic life partner.

The right person to walk through life who can make us feel loved, understood, safe, and supported.

You are a very special being.

And you have the power to transform your world and the world of those around you through your relationships.

Why is it that we often spend 20 years or more in school educating ourselves to create a successful professional life, while there is zero education in how to create success in our romantic lives?

We wind up leaving our love lives up to luck and chance.

It should be no surprise that this has proven not to work well.

How were you supposed to know the right way if nobody ever tough you this?

That’s the reason why a lot of times you end up confused, frustrated and questioning your own self-worth when it comes to your love life.

  • You feel tired from being disappointed because no one seems like a suitable match.
  • You fear you will spend your life alone even though it’s your deepest desire to have a life partner.
  • You become scared of being hurt again after experiencing past relationships that didn’t work out.
  • You wind up asking yourself if anyone will ever fall in love with you (or if you will ever fall in love again!)

You are not alone dear friend. We are here to help put an end to your confusion, frustration, and fear.

Need Advice?

If you have questions or concerns, click the link below to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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