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What I Do

I’m a relationship and dating coach, meditation teacher and a compassionate friend to the world. I work with singles like YOU, who have a desire to find true love and create a soulmate relationship.

I Coach.

Relationship/Dating Coach who helps singles find true love and create everlasting relationships.

I Speak.

With her loving and wise advice, Rita has inspired thousands to take charge of their love life.

I Write.

I am the author of the ebook: “How to Find Your Soulmate”. Available in English and Spanish

Need Advice?

If you have questions or concerns, click the link below to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as we can.

My Programs & E-Books

Through my Intensive Soulmate Success Program, coaching sessions, group seminars, my ebook “How to Find your Soulmate”and my FREE newsletters, you’ll gain practical wisdom to make your romantic dreams come true.


“I was fascinated by your presentation. You are an outstanding relationship guide for women who want to get closer to their partners. Things become easier once I understood our differences with men. My expectations have changed, I feel more patient and relaxed. I feel happier. I feel more appreciation for Jonathan and our relationship. God bless you!”

Karen, FL

Hi, I'm Rita Paiewonsky

founder of the Institute of Love and Wisdom.

My goal is to add more value to your love life than you ever dreamed possible. I will give you the tools that you can immediately use to meet your right partner and create the fulfilling relationship that you dream of.

In other words… I’m here to help you find the love of your life, your SOUL MATE, so you can enjoy a relationship that is complete and everlasting!

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