The 5 Reasons why Your Relationships Fail

The 5 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

1) Having Unrealistic Expectations

This happens when one or both partners expect the other one to look attractive, be kind, be fun and be happy… ALL of the time!.

That’s the way things might at the beginning of the relationship, but when things become normal – often referred to as boring – partners can mistakenly assume that the relationship is broken. In fact it was merely the normal progress of a healthy and loving relationship.

2) Tolerating Bad Behavior

This occurs when one partner ignores the bad behavior of the other simply to maintain the relationship hoping that they will change. Given enough time these type of relationships usually end tragically.

3) Taking Each Other For Granted

Early in a relationship everything is easy. It doesn’t require any effort to go out of (your) way to be kind to your partner when both people are infatuated.

Over time the relationship becomes comfortable and predictable. Everything goes fine until a crisis occurs and there is no emotional intimacy to draw upon. Neither you or your partner has ever learned how to practice “restriction from the ego”.

Each partner wants the other to be supportive and both are emotionally bankrupt.

4) Financial Problems

This doesn’t mean that the couple has debt or limited income. It mainly has to do with being vulnerable with each other.

When a couple commits to making financial decisions as a couple, they are prone to not only stay together but feel a deeper sense of intimacy.

When they keep money secrets from each other, they are holding back from their partner emotionally.

A couple that keeps money secrets is a couple that has trouble trusting each other.

They say such things to themselves as…

“He’ll get mad if I tell him I bought this…”

“She’ll complain if she knows I spent this much….”

Rather than taking the risk of having a disagreement, these couples simply avoid the conflict.

They never learn how to compromise and actually have those difficult conversations that while uncomfortable…actually are the foundation for deeper intimacy.

5) And the biggest one…Lack of Relationship Capability.

Relationship Capability has to do with having the essential qualities that make relations happen and grow.

How committed each partner is to the relationship, how flexible they are with each other, (how patient, giving, forgiving, accepting, proactive and communicative?

High relationship capability makes love grow and flourish.

Low relationship capability can allow resentment to grow. That resentment can develop into a deadly cancer which slowly weakens and eventually destroys what could have been a truly healthy relationship. It is the #1 reason why many relationships fail.

I would love to hear from you and for the reason I ask you: Which one was the cause of your last important relationship to end? Please leave your comment below 🙂

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