The 4 Steps to Correctly Choose your Ideal Partner

When it comes to the most important decision you will make in your life, should you follow your heart or your wisdom?

If you haven’t realized it yet, the most important decision you will ever make in your life is choosing your romantic partner.

Yes, your romantic partner!

No other decision will impact in so many different ways, your life and the life of your loved ones.

If you choose right, you will certainly enjoy a fulfilled life with lots of peace and happy moments.

Emotionally, you will feel lots of security and this stability will make your creativity flourish, your career develop, your finances grow, your circle of friends expand and you will enjoy a more balanced life.

If you pick wrong…well, you will have a more challenged life with more periods of ups and downs.

The sad news is that we life in a time, where individuals are trained to succeed professionally.

In our modern world, people invest 20 or more years of their lives in schools and universities learning how to be successful.

But the question is…. successful where?

How can you talk about success, when only your professional live is taken into consideration and the rest is left out?

As basic as it is to learn math, it is to learn how to pick the right partner. The one with whom you can create a healthy, fulfilling, happy and everlasting relationship.

It would be awesome, if we could all learn this skill in our teenage years when still in high school…. Imagine all the mistakes and suffering we would have avoided!

Unfortunately, the only message we receive from the outside is the one from the advertising and social media world, where men and women are extremely attractive and unreal. They always appear surrounded by an ambiance different to the one we live in day by day.

This creates lots of confusion in all single men and women. The mistaken message leaves an imprint in their unconscious minds, and makes them think that their job is to find a partner that looks like those unreal people.

It is a serious problem, that makes individuals make terrible mistakes in their love lives, and of course, deal with the negative impact of the consequences.

When you are focus primarily on the superfluous things, they DO NOT guaranty you a healthy, fulfilling, happy and long lasting love.

At the end, what you want is to be happy, right?

Every day, I speak with single men and women looking for the right partner. They share with me what they want in a partner, and so many times their criteria are not the most meaningful things, like attractiveness, height, age, figure, etc.

I explain them that our mission at the Institute of Love and Wisdom is to educate singles, so they can create romantic relationships – soulmate relationships – that can grow and last over time.

We take into consideration lots of other aspects besides attraction and chemistry, and that’s what you will learn today!

I will share with you the 4 smart set of questions to ask and answer yourself, when making the most important decision in your life (even if your logic and your intuition don’t agree).

More than that, if you are looking for everlasting love when you are dating someone, ask yourself these questions to decide if that person is worth your time and energy:

1st Set of Questions: Related to Attraction/Chemistry

Are we physically attracted to each other?

Is there at least some chemistry between us?

In a scale of 1 to 10, the answer should be 6 or more (trust me, it doesn’t have to be a 10).

2nd Set of Questions: Related to Compatibility

Do we share at least some of the same interests?

Not every interest needs to be shared, but partners do need to feel expanded in each other’s company. They must feel at home with each other.

3rd Set of Questions: Related to Life Goals

Do we share the same life goals?

When life goals are different, relationships don’t last over time. Two people can really love each other, but if goals are different, there’s no hope.

4th Set of Questions: Related to Relationship Capability (or Potential to Become Soulmates)

Does my partner have good communication skills?

Is my partner flexible, committed, patient, forgetful, proactive?

High relationship capability makes love grow and flourish.

Low relationship capability makes resentment grow, and resentment is the cancer in relationships and the #1 reason why relationships end.

I know this is very new information for you, and it might be hard to swallow at first.

I think everyone has been in a situation, where they feel they have such a deep connection and chemistry with someone that makes them look great on paper, and just perfect for them, to later realize how hard it is to have a relationship with them.

The truth is that attraction and chemistry alone, can lead you to a disastrous relationship.

Too much of them, when the other things are missing, will naturally make you feel torn, confused and heart broken – sooner or later always happen, sorry!

While I’m a person who relies heavily on intuition, experience has taught me that it’s wise to do this exercise of answering the 4 sets of questions, especially if with that partner emotions are running high. 🙂

Have you ever felt torn between too much attraction and chemistry, and your sense of logic and intuition?

Please leave a comment below and let me know.

With much love to share with you,


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