Coaching With Rita

Looking for guidance in planning and setting up your entire dating strategy to meet your soul mate and start enjoying a long lasting relationship?

Need help in transforming your actual relationship into a nourishing and everlasting one?

Wherever you are at this moment, a Coaching Program will give you exactly the actionable steps you need to take to meet your right partner or “Soulmate” and start enjoying a nourishing everlasting relationship where you will feel adored, understood and secure (plus, it will save you from YEARS of loneliness or unhappy relationships with the wrong partners).

This program is very different to every other program out there and we will be incorporating NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programing) Practices to accelerate the achievement of your goals.

You will be having private 1-on-1 coaching conversations directly with Rita Paiewonsky.

Based on getting to know you, Rita will personally guide you to the specific missing knowledge and tools to move you forward to your romantic goals.

 You’ll benefit from the best strategies, resources and tools that Rita has gathered, a captivating online profile or make over (if needed) and the experience of meeting real potential romantic soulmates. 

Many other trainings give you a map… then let you fend for yourself. 

Instead, in this program Rita will personally guide you to discover and realize the potential that is authentically yours.

In your sessions with her,  you will gain clarity on what exactly to focus on – the key strategies to meet the type of men that could be your potential soul mates, tactics to connect with them, a solid foundation of wisdom and the tools to keep them forever — in other words, all you need to meet your soulmate and create a real long lasting relationship.

The excitement of having clear focus and the accountability to take action with confidence is priceless!

If you get stuck on the way, Rita will handhold you through the actual work, to dissolve blocks and uplevel your relationship capabilities.


Rita has helped her clients successfully:

You’ll get access to a private online community of supportive peers, personally facilitated by Rita.

Nothing compares to the inner motivation you naturally find by being around kindred spirits who are making real progress in creating their romantic dreams come true.

Some coaches hope that their clients can continue working with them for years — it’s recurring business, true — but Rita thinks about this differently. She believes that you, as a client, should be empowered, set free. 

This program has been designed so you can actually meet your right partner and create a stable, solid and loving relationship – you will have a personalized, authentic roadmap to keep growing your dreamed love life. 

You will also get access to our incredible alumni support community — free for life.

Rita’s intention is for this Program to spread by word of mouth. 

She will be working hard to help you realize your success — your genuine transformation to lasting love. Rita believes that if the program really makes a difference for you, you’ll naturally refer the right people.

This Program currently costs much less than comparable programs of its caliber. The reason is that Rita Paiewonsky wants to keep it affordable. (See the pricing grid below.)

The value of your transformation is far greater than its cost.

How It Works

Based on the Program Option you select, you get between 6 to 10 one-hour, 1-1 private coaching calls with Rita Paiewonsky.

During these calls she will coach through the steps of Creating your Foundation of Wisdom, Creating your Personal Love Strategy, Implementing your Personal Love Strategy and Celebrate your Success!

The calls are done via Skype or phone.

The calls take place every week, but during more intensive periods, specially at the beginning, you can request calls to be more frequent, as well as take breaks as needed, as long as the calls happen within the duration of 3-6 months depending on your program choice.

On each 1-1 coaching call, Rita recommends particular piece(s) of content — videos, audios, or articles — to create a breakthrough in your current love life.

You’ll study it and take action; and share your results with Rita privately, or in our private community.

You’ll also get access to a private, confidential online community of other supportive amazing women in their journey to long lasting love.

In this private-client-only-community, you have the opportunity to post questions, share your update each week about your celebrations & learnings, intentions, and challenges that the community might be able to support you through. It’s optional for you to do this, but clients have found it very supportive.

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