Best Tips on How to Break the Ice and Start a Conversation with Someone you Like

Isn’t it wonderful that love can happen anytime anywhere!

This is great news if you are single, even if you are not dating at this time.

Yes, you can meet the love of your life today. It can be at the supermarket, at the library, at the coffee shop, at the gas station, at the dentist office or at the theater.

When you see someone who you feel attracted to, it is very old fashioned and non proactive to sit down and expect the other person to make first move when initiating a conversation is something so easy to do. Every one can do it and so can you!

The worst thing that can happen is for you to miss the opportunity to interact with them. They might be shy or distracted. A good ice breaker will help you make a memorable first impression.

It can even turn that first encounter with someone new into something wonderful—maybe even a valuable friendship or lasting partnership!

Yes, yes, I know, the attraction factor can make you forget how to speak.

That’s the reason why the Institute of Love and Wisdom has tried and researched many different ice breakers. We want to share with you only the most effective ones, so you can approach a person you like without feeling shy or intimidated.

Some things to understand before you approach them…

– It is normal to feel a bit nervous when approaching someone new. Everyone gets a little shy at first, that only means you are normal.

– Listen attentively to the other person’s responses because this will determine your follow-up questions.

– Smile all the time and laugh. This is very important and two things will happen: He or she will see you smiling and happy, which will make them want to open up to you and respond you.

Now, are you ready to know the most effective Ice Breakers when you encounter someone you like?

  • The “Ask a Question Ice Breaker”

This is a great way to start a conversation in almost any situation.

At the doctor’s office: “Is it always this cold/hot/windy/humid in February?”

At the gas station: “Do you know the best route to downtown?”

At the pharmacy, library, department store, etc. “Do you work here?” or

“Excuse me, is the line to the cashier always this long here?”

At the bar: “Mmm…What are you drinking or eating?”

At the ice cream shop: “Your ice cream looks delicious, which flavor did you pick?”

At the supermarket: “Where did you find that organic ketchup (or whatever product they have in their cart)?” or…. “have you tried that product before? It looks pretty good”

  • The “Request for Help Ice Breaker”

This one is similar to the previous one and is very effective when you want to start a conversation with a man.

Remember from our previous newsletters that men are wired to solve problems and they love it if a woman is the one to ask them for help.

“I am a bit lost, can you help me find my way to Main Street?”

“My phone is new and I still don’t know how to raise the volume to hear my messages, could you please show me how?”

“I have wanted to try that organic ketchup, have you tried it before? Is it as good?”

“Are you familiar with the wine list here? Which one would you recommend?”

“What’s the name of that you are drinking? It looks interesting”

  • Break the ice by making a comment or statement”

This one is always followed by a question. This technique works especially well when you’re with a group of people sharing a similar experience, such as waiting at the doctor’s office, attending a gallery opening, or standing in line.

“The doctor will definitely see us before Christmas. What day is today again?”

“What a long line! Does this shop always have such long lines?”

“It’s raining so hard. Did you also get wet today?”

“I love the artwork in here. Do you know the artist?”

  • Break the Ice by “Complementing him or her”

This comment represents a classic technique that is quite effective for regardless of whom you are talking to. Saying something genuinely nice about their outfit, accessories, or even mood will usually be received well.

The person receiving the compliment will thank you and possibly say something nice about you in return. In doing this, a dialogue begins. Remember to keep the dialogue going by.

“Nice tie! You could even wear that one with your pajamas!”

“Beautiful dress! Where did you buy it?”

  • The “Cliché Ice Breaker”

The best and most fun ice breaker is honesty. Walk up to him or her and just be honest. Tell him or her that you want to talk. Point out how awkward and funny the situation actually is for you and that you are trying to make the best of it. Honesty really can be the best policy.

You can use this last one just about any time, at any place from bars to parties to business functions.

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this, but do I know you from somewhere?”

“I don’t think we have met yet, my name is Anna! What’s your name?”

“Excuse Me, I Just Thought I Should Come Over and Talk to You.”

In all cases, be honest and sincere. The saying goes that what you say isn’t as important as how you say it.

Remember to show your best smile!

When things wrap up, use a polite close and tell them it was very nice to meet them and have a way to get back in touch by always have your business or personal card handy.

If it doesn’t go as well as you expected or they don’t seem too interested, you will still have a way to get back in touch by always have your business or personal card handy and handing it to them.

Why? You will be surprised at how long it takes many people to digest new interactions. You might get a call or text in the next 48 hours!

You have nothing to loose and much to win. Perhaps the possibility to have met the love of your life!

One of my favorite lines when closing:

“Very nice to meet you David. People call me Karen. And you can call me ANYTIME!” 

I really encourage you to start practicing your favorite ice breaker technique today.

Yes, wherever you go. It can be in the most unexpected places and at the most unexpected times.

Then when you come across someone you really like, it will be that much easier.

You will be surprised by the results!

You know how much I love hearing from you. Helping you find the love of your life is our biggest passion. Please share with me your experience using these techniques by leaving your message below.

With much love to share with you,


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